Short Course

Short courses programme are intensive courses that range from three days to six months period and coach by the field expert and instructor.  These courses are flexible and offered according to UniKL campuses specialization. Held conveniently throughout the year and emphasized on knowledge and practical learning approach that will guarantee to enhance and upgrade participant's skills in future.


Professional Certification Programme

Professional Certification Programme is a programme that will be offered and designed to allow the professional to prove his knowledge, experience, and skills in order to perform a specific job. The proof comes in the form of a certificate earned by passing an exam that is accredited by an organization or association that monitors and upholds prescribed standards for the particular industry involved. The certificate will certainly assure the industry and public that the certificate holder is competent and professional.


Customised Programme

Customized programs, which are tailored for and offered to executives of a single company, represent the fastest growing segment of the market. Customized programs help organizations increase management capability by combining the science of business and performance management into specialized programs that enable executives to develop new knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Training events which all aspects are define by consultant with the training partners. This includes the choice of subjects, duration, location, training language and the target group.