Electronics Engineering is one of the largest and fastest growing industries.It covers a wide range of applications we use daily and which make our life easier and enjoyable such as television,radio,computers,telecommunication etc.They help us to see,hear and communicate over vast distances ans industries like oil,energey,agriculture and so many other inmportant sectors of economy.In stel,petroleum and chemical industries it is the electronics devices that direct, control and test production processes.Health care industry depends on electronic.

Instruments to perform chemical tests and to check body functions.The safeties in transportation,factories and mines and in homes rely heavily on electronics.The uses are endless.The students in this programme will learn how to find new solutions to the practical problems affecting our daily lives.

They will learn how to work in team with other specialists to design,fabricate,produce,test and supervise the manufacture of complex products and systems i.e. electronic equipment's and components for a number of industries including hospitals, computer industry,electronics data processing system for communication and in defense etc.They will expose to the production and manufacturing processing and will learn how to oversee installation and maintenance.Electronics Engineers work with device that use extremely small amounts of power.They work with microprocessors, fiber optics and in telecommunication,television,radio etc.


Major Module

Bachelor in Electronics Engineering Technology: Analogue and Digital Design, Artificial Intelligent, Microcontroller and Interfacing and Semiconductor Technologies
Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology: Microcontroller, Analogue and Digital Electronics, and Electrical Power



Career Path

Electronic technologists are involved in the design, test, troubleshoot and development of complex electronic devices and systems such as advanced microelectronic devices, embedded systems, electronic control systems and signal processing systems. These areas are highly critical in major industries including semiconductor, automotive, defense, computer and communications in both manufacturing and services sectors. Electronic technologists have the technical skills and capabilities to diversify into various and more specialized engineering disciplines such as telecommunications, medical imaging, robotics and nanotechnologies.



Collaboration with industries

Electronics Technology Section has a collaboration with Elvira System Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian-based Embedded Systems Design & Technology Training company offers ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE) Certification to Electronics students as a top up program.  Trained and certified students under this programme will be part of the critical supply of ICT talent to meet the growing needs of local ICT industry players and foreign investors.







R&D and Awards

  • Consultancy project for Flexible Manufacturing System worth RM600,000.00
  • Received one grant from MARA (SPGIM) worth of RM49,920.00. Project Title:"Study And Development Of Rice Hopper Early Warning & Detection System (Rewards) For Remote Implementation On Paddy Fields In North West Selangor (Pbls) Area"
  • ITEX 2012 Silver Medal recipient. Project Title: Portable Low Cost Cooling Device for CPU Overheating Solution






Noor Hamizah binti Harun


Bachelor of Engineering Technology In Electronics

Graduated year


Job title


Company name

MIMOS Berhad

Job scope

Handling high level presentation. Find potential technology receipient among local SME for technology transfer. Monitor and looking potential customer for technology receipient. Find R n D potential collaboration. Introduce MIMOS technologies by joining exhibitions and forums. Monitor progress for all projects involving mimos technologies. Writing high level proposal for grant application and project implementation.

Job industry

R & D





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