UniKL BMI Student Testimonial

Universiti kuala Lumpur British Malaysian Institute (UniKL BMI)  is great place for you to start your engineering dreams. With more than 20 years of experience, UniKL BMI is not only the choice of Malaysian students but also attract a lot of internationals students. UniKL BMI is home of more than 15 nationalities, ranging from Asean countries to Middle Eastern and European students. Here are some of the testimonial of our current students and alumni.


Bachelor Engineering Tech (Hons) in Medical Electronics
"UniKL BMI offers me more than just a degree"


"I choose UniKL BMI because it offer a unique engineering programme that not being offer elsewhere, it very suitable with my interest to work in the hospital after I graduate. I am now in year two and while I'm here I had involved with many activities. I enjoy sports such as basketball, I also very much into their online games, in UniKL BMI they constantly held e-games competition"



Bachelor Engineering Tech (Hons) in Electronics


"The hands on approach"

"I choose UniKL BMI because it offers a more hands on approach compare to other university; from what I heard, UniKL is the pioneer in Engineering Technology in Malaysia. Where else can I get valuable experience if not under the very experienced lecturers, right? If I were you, I'll choose UniKL"


Brunei Darussalam
Bachelor Engineering Tech (Hons) in data Communications


"I really enjoy UniKL BMI environment"

"UniKL BMI is my preferred university due to the fact that it allows me to discover my passion in communication engineering. It also located at a very strategic part of Kuala Lumpur. My four years at UniKL BMI taught me more than just to be a great technologist but also made me evolve and develop my skills in term of articulation, self-esteem, and communication. I believe this very much help me in my recent interview. I am now doing my internship in a telecommunication company in Brunei"



Bachelor Engineering Tech (Hons) in Medical Electronics


"I miss UniKL BMI"

"I miss my study time at UniKL BMI; not only it's a great engineering school but also because of its environment. The lecturers are friendly and helpful, I got a lot of friends and I can join a lot of sports and outdoor activities. I remember going to schools and joining many CSR programmes, the experience in Malaysian especially in UniKL BMI is precious. I am very proud to say that, I am Universiti Kuala Lumpur's alumni.  I am now working as an engineer in a private hospital at Qatar"

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