Credit hours


Degree  :  6 credit hours


Diploma : 4 credit hours




Degree  :  minimum 16 weeks


Diploma : minimum 16 weeks




Unsatisfactory :  less than 50

Satisfactory :      50 to 74

Excellent :          75 and above


Pecentage of Evaluation


Company Assessment :            40%


Industrial Report Evaluation :      40%


Presentation:                           20%





1. Conform to the company and UniKL rules trhoughout your training period.


2. Proper dress code - put on proper dress code as required by the company's uniform and dust coat (if provided) at all times.


3. Show willingness at all time, however mundane the task.


4. Be friendly to staff of the company - be humble and learn as much as possible.


5. Responsible to uphold the good name of UniKL. Do not involve in company's politic.


6. Communicate with officials training matters as well as matters pertaining to medical leave or other similar matters.


7. Maintain good interpersonal relationship with supervisor and colleagues


8. Remain at the assigned company untill the end of the practical unless given consent by UniKL to change placement.


9. Any students who commit a breach of, or fails to comply with, or contravenes, any of the rules or any restriction, condition or term imposed under these rules/guidelines shall be guilty of a diciplinary offence.





1. Be Punctual. UniKL expects full attendance of training.


2. Observe all rules on :

     - training.

     - usage of equipment/machines.


3. Prevention of Accident.


4. Be inquistive on new technology and learn as much as possible.


5. Use logbook to record daily activities - maintain this record.


6. See the assigned Company Supervisor countersign the log record (weekly) and assess your perfomance   twice throughout the duration of INTRA.


7. Make the supervisor aware of your training needs. Be open and discuss the matters with him.


8. If the training provided fall short of expectations:

    - Make the best out of the training;

    - Try to sort out your problems with the assigned supervisors.

    - At no time you are allowed to quarrel or cause unduly friction to any of the company  personnel;

    - Report to the respective faculty/institute especially when University Supervisor conducts visits.