Campus Lifestyle
‘Feels Like Home' that's how our students described their feelings about staying at UniKL. Simply because UniKL offers a unique combination of high academic standards, employment success and a prime location in beautiful surroundings, with ease of access to Kuala Lumpur city. Our students satisfactory always take precedence in the Student Affairs Department to make sure they get the desired academic success and welfare with us. We provide a range of services to help students achieve their educational and personal goals. Our role is to offer quality student-specific services to enable our students to succeed intellectually and socially during their college life
Student Activities

UniKL believes in the holistic approach of creating an all-rounder individual. Student activities and organisations are an important part of a complete university education. Students may participate in the numerous clubs and organisations available at UniKL including social and academic clubs, intramural sports, honours societies, and special interest groups. The existing clubs and societies in UniKL allow students to explore their creativity and potential, be it in the form of arts or sports. These clubs and societies provide an excellent opportunity for students to meet up with those with similar interests and make a variety of new friends.

  Student Council (Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar)
MPM looks after the welfare of all students in UniKL and organizes various types of activities in promoting greater social awareness and interaction among the students. The Council also provides a means of communication between students and the administration on issues pertaining to living and study conditions. The MPM consists of the Main Council and nine Excos and The Council is elected by elections held in September/October every year.
Counseling Service
The counseling service at UniKL is a free, confidential and professional service available to all students both in individual and group sessions. The counselors are attached to the Student Affairs Department and are available to assist you on any issues of concern in a relaxed and non-judgmental setting. Students bring a variety of worries and concerns including study difficulties, homesickness, addictive behavior, etc. Some can be sorted out within a session, while others require longer counseling sessions. Whatever the problem is, talking to a counselor often helps.
Entrepreneurship Programme
Entrepreneurship programme gives support to our students and the community to develop ideas with commercial potential. Enterprise activity around the UniKL includes enterprise learning, business start up and growth support, developing business networks and research and ultimately embedding enterprise into the University experience, as a catalyst for economic development and social and environmental wellbeing.
Student's Career Path
Student Affairs Department is capable of grant a complete run-through of the courses and options available as well as advise our students on the appropriate course to take based on theirs career ambitions and academic performance. Our counselors also handle enrollment and can provide other relevant information to do with fees, scholarships and campus facilities. They provide informal, friendly and confidential service to help students with any concerns. Besides that with the special care from our Centre for Professional & Continuing Education (CPCE) we create Teknopreneurship programme called ‘TeknoPutra' for students to make sure they well equipped on their future career path. For further information on the Student Affairs Department. Click Student's Study Path for detail.