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Thermo-mechanical behaviour of coupled composite laminates.


Strength after impact of fully isotropic composite laminates.

Tapered coupled composite laminates.


PhD Opportunities

Pseudo-bistable laminates for morphing structures.
Dr. Mohd Hafizi Shamsudin and Dr. Christopher York (Glasgow)
This project will investigate novel applications of coupled laminate tailoring as an enabling technology in the design of morphing flight control surfaces, by exploiting complex coupling behaviour incorporating bistable or pseudo-bistable snap-through mechanisms; both mechanisms are exhibited in complex forms of coupled laminate, many of which have only recently been discovered.
Pseudo-bistable laminates are differentiated from the more common bistable form by the fact that snap-through leads to a different configuration which is sustainable only by continuous load application; snap back to the original configuration occurs when the load falls below a critical threshold level.

Advanced Tailoring Strategies for Laminated Composite Materials using Spread-Tow Technology.
Dr. Mohd Hafizi Shamsudin and Dr. Christopher York (Glasgow)
The objectives of this proof of concept study, which will be underpinned by a recent £1.7M upgrade to wind-tunnel facilities at the University of Glasgow, are to: develop a novel simultaneous Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) system for real time measurement of fluid-structure interactions in advanced aero-elastically tailored and scaled flexible-wings, incorporating advanced thin-ply material technology and; assess the potential for fuel burn reduction in high aspect-ratio forward-swept wings, with reference to conventional swept-back configurations. It is hoped that not only will the novel PIV/DIC system proove successful, but that it will help to generate a valuable database of experimental results, against which coupled Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and structural Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation codes may be validated; the coupled STA-ABAQUS codes will be used to develop a benchmark model to stimulate interest in this activity.



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