Achievement 2011


The nation expects more from a technical higher learning institution than mere academic excellence and marketable graduates. This is particularly true for us as we create independent graduates who seek an alternative pathway by exploring the technopreneurial world. Here are the list of our achievers:


  1. UniKL MIAT, recognised as EUROCOPTER :  Centre of Excellence for Helicopter MaintenanceInternational Recognition

  2. UniKL, Authorised as First MATLAB Training Centre National Recognition UniKL MIIT, KLGreenHAT 2011 Promotes Ethical Hacking  – National Recognition

  3. UniKL won  The Best Company Award 2010 by Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW) -  National  Recognition

  4. UniKL Launching UniKL RCMP Medical Centre (URMC) –  National  Recognition 

  5. UniKL obtain MOHE SETARA 11 by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) - Tier 5 Excellent  –   National  Recognition 

  6. UniKL MESTECH, Mrs Nur Shukriyah Bt. Mohamad Hazir, 16th Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology  2011 :  ‘DREV1 Inhibition Promotes Proliferation and Invasion of Lung Adenocarcinoma (A549) through Activation of PI3K and MAPKK Pathway' -  Young Investigator Award 

  7. UniKL MICET, Ms Nur Ezleen Qistina,    World Allergy Organization (WAO) International Scientific Conference 2011 : ‘Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles of Peripheral Blood B Lymphocytes in Various Clinical Phenotypes of Asthma' -  Outstanding Poster Awards 

  8. UniKL MICET, Arasu A/L Uttran, has won the at the recently held International Palm Oil Congress 2011 (PIPOC) - Best Poster Award

  9. UniKL MIAT, International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition 2011 (ITEX) : ‘Development of Low Cost Sandwich Structure for Non-Structural Application with High Strength and Stiffness'  Gold Medal 

  10. UniKL IPROM, International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition 2011 (ITEX) : ‘Green Technology Project - Rainwater Recycling System'Silver Medal

  11. UniKL BMI, International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition 2011 (ITEX) : ‘Vehicle Tracker & Data Recorder' Bronze Medal

  12. UniKL BMI, International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition 2011 (ITEX) : ‘Ozone Layer Monitoring System Through Web Based Application' Bronze Medal

  13. UniKL MIAT, Parabolic Team participated in  Parabolic Flight in Japan – Representing  Malaysia

  14. UniKL MICET, Natassia Juliana Zaini, Global Bayer Young Environmental Envoy 2011 German : – Representing Malaysia

  15. UniKL MICET,  International Palm Oil Congress (PIPOC 2011) : ‘Elucidation of Organic/Inorganic Fertilizer Interactions with Biochar from Oil Palm Plantation Waste'  -  Best Poster Award 

  16. UniKL TEAM, "Malaysia on Mars" participated in  Airbus Fly Your Idea (FYI) competition in 2011 Paris Airshow: ‘Kapok as The Thermal Acoustic Materials For Aircraft' Top 5 World Ranking

  17. UniKL MFI, Malaysia Technology Expo 2011  (MTE) ‘GanoSken Tomography for Early Detection of Ganoderma in Oil Palm Stem'.Bronze Medal

  18. UniKL MSI, Malaysia Technology Expo 2011 (MTE) ‘Aedes Breeding Prevention In Roof Gutter'Bronze Medal

  19. UniKL BMI, National Research and Innovation Competition 2011  (NRIC) : Fertigation' Bronze Medal

  20. UniKL MSI, National Research and Innovation Competition 2011  (NRIC) : New Motorcycle Lighting System Using Light Emitting Diode (LED)' Bronze Medal

  21. UniKL MICET, National Research and Innovation Competition 2011  (NRIC) : – Bronze Medal

  22. UniKL Hockey Team, KL League (2011/12) – Champion

  23. UniKL Young Guns Hockey Team, Junior Hockey League (2011) – Champion

  24. UniKL Hockey Team, Malaysia Premier League (2011) – 4th Place / Quarter Final

  25. UniKL MIAT, Assoc. Prof. Ir. Abu Hanifah Hj. Abdullah, Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah (KKLW) Special Awards Anugerah Khas Inovasi KKLW

  26. UniKL MSI, International Greentech & Eco Product Exhibition and Conference Malaysia 2011 (IGEM) : ‘Biodegradable Shoe' Finalist

  27. UniKL MFI, ASHRAE Region XIII 14th Chapter Regional Conference in Hong Kong, 3rd Place

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