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News : Long Service Awards Ceremony 2014

Twenty seven UniKL RCMP staff members were honored at the inaugural Long Service Awards Ceremony 2014 held on 4th December 2014 at the Kinta Riverfront Hotel, in Ipoh.

"This award is a demonstration of the recognition of your services and valuable contributions. Most of you have dedicated your entire working life to educating, training and providing services to the younger generation and it is now time for you to relish and reflect on your successes and achievements. Good work deserves to be appreciated.   I am proud to say that the College has a strong team of loyal, dedicated and committed staff who have helped in charting the journey of success of this College. Let us continue to work together as a team to bring UniKL to even greater heights. For that reason, the loyal staff should be recognized and rewarded accordingly", said Perak Exco member Y.B Dato' Dr. Muhammad Amin Bin Zakaria, Chairman of   Education, Science, Environment And Green Technology cum Board of Director of PCM Sdn Bhd. in his keynote address during the Long Service Awards Ceremony.

He also took the opportunity to congratulate En Hisshamuddin Omar who recently received the Long Service Award at the Chancellery for his 12 years of service with UniKL.   "Congratulations to En Hisshamuddin for his service and valuable contribution towards the success of UniKL. He has been contributing and growing with UNIKL for the past 12 years and today leading this prestigious Medical College.  I'm confident that under the leadership of En Hisshamuddin Omar, RCMP will continue to excel and maintain a dominant presence as a premier institution in the country and particularly in Perak.   However, this can only be achieved if we respect the staff as the company's greatest asset; provide them with encouragement, stimulus and make them feel that they are part of the company."  He said the college that was established in 1999 with a staff of nine people has progressed by leaps and bounds over the years and today employs a total of 316 people. He said he was proud to see that some of the pioneers who started this venture ten years ago, are still here.  

Dato' Dr. Muhammad Amin congratulated all the 27 recipients for reaching this important milestone in their career. "If life is a journey, then you have truly travelled a great distance from your first day at UniKL RCMP. I'm sure you have witnessed many interesting, challenging and significant milestones in both your career and your personal life. We salute and applaud you for the years of dedicated service".  He said Long service awards are just one of the many forms of incentives UniKL RCMP offers to employees to ensure that the quality staff nurtured and developed over the years are retained within the company.   He believes the dedicated staff that have served the company for such a long time definitely enjoyed their work, comfortable with their work environment and feel they are part of university. They want to excel at what they do and UniKL is the best place for them to achieve it and last but not least they want to bring success and leave a lasting legacy at the college. We thank them for their tireless effort. 

Earlier, En Hisshamuddin Omar, UniKL RCMP Chief Executive Officer & Head of Campus in his speech said The Long Service Award Policy was approved by the President's Executive Meeting (PEM) on 22 August 2014 as part of the enhancement to staff benefit. Apart from being a form of recognition to employees' loyalty and service to UniKL, He added, "the 10 years award is presented at the campus level, while recipients for other categories will be receiving their awards in a special ceremony.  

The limelight of the ceremony was the presentation of the awards to the 27 recipients in recognition of their 10 years of service with UniKL. Each recipient received RM1000 together with a plaque and a certificate. They are:-  
  1. Professor Dr. Chan Sook Ching
  2. En. Faizol Zaid Bin Shaharuddin
  3. Pn. Nikki Amura Binti Zanial Abidin
  4. Pn. Patmani A/P Ramaiah
  5. Pn. Zuraida Binti Salleh
  6. Associate Professor Dr. Wong Seak Khoon
  7. Pn. Noor Azizah Binti Abd Wahab
  8. En. Khairil Anuar Bin Somri
  9. En. Tengku Azlan Shah Bin Tengku Mohamad
  10. Cik Khor Poh Yen
  11. En. Shahrul Ramdhan Bin Khalili
  12. Pn. Wan Noor Hidayah Binti Idris
  13. En. Azlan Bin Abdul Hamid
  14. Pn. Rohaida Binti Mohd Harun
  15. Pn. Ng Yoon Mooi
  16. Professor Dr. Myo Than
  17. Associate Professor Dr. Muniandy Narasiman
  18. Associate Professor Dr. Davinder Singh  
  19. Associate Professor Dr. Myint Myint Soe
  20. En. Rasli Bin Jantan
  21. Pn. Noor Aini Binti Abu Bakar
  22. En. Tun Hazman Bin Abd. Latif
  23. En. Nor Azhar Bin Abdullah
  24. Pn. Nurul Khairana Binti Azuddin
  25. Associate Professor Dr. Cheah Tong Soon
  26. Associate Professor Dr. Rajasingam Shanmugam
  27. Saiful Khairi bin Mohd Bukhari 

In a separate ceremony on Friday, 12th December 2014 at Sama-Sama Hotel, KLIA, eight UniKL RCMP staff who have been in service for more than 15 years attended the Long Service Awards Ceremony. The recipients were  Khalifah Hamzah, Zaleha Ngah Mohamed, Suhaila Ishak; Shamsul Bahrin Shaari; Normarziah Mohd Noor, Thian Yee Wei and Nur Azlina Mohd Said. Each recipient received RM1500, a plaque and a certificate..
RCMP E-Bulletin, congratulates all the Long Service Awards recipients for their loyalty and dedication to the company and our sincere appreciation to the Long Service Award committee that had worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the event. Congratulations to ALL.

Reported by
Zahaimi Abdullah Sani

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