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News : 5S Team visits Land and Mines Department of (PTG) Terengganu

On 12 April 2015, the 5S Committee Members of UNIKL.RCMP visited the Land and Mines Department of Terengganu on a half-day working visit. The 28 member group was received by En Mohd Jamel Aziz Mohd Jidin, the Deputy Director of PTG, and staff of the department. 
During the visit, the 5S Committee Members were given a detailed presentation on the implementation of 5S. En Mohd Jamel Aziz explained how they managed to maintain the 5S certification for 5 consecutive years. "It's easy to get the 5S certification but to maintain it is a big challenge. Besides that, it's tough to sustain the effort, and keep it going for a long period of time. 5S involves a cultural and attitudinal change and it is not easy to achieve this within a short span of time. It has to be ingrained into the organization step by step and at all levels of the organization".
PTG successfully obtained their first 5S certification on 19 April 2009. "We got rid of 16 000 unwanted files, clutters and unorganised documents. Five years ago, 5S was a very new idea. Not many people had heard of 5S at that time and as a pioneer in Terengganu we had to work extra hard to get things moving. With the support of the top management and all PTG staff, we managed to overcome the challenges. It would be impossible to implement 5S without the support of the top management as some staff might take it lightly".
He added, "To keep the 5S practice going, we had to instil awareness through 5S competitions, motivational talks, working visits, innovation day events, rewards, spiritual talks and special training for all the staff. The next phase was followed by internal audits, monthly meetings and 5S enforcement. Everyone in the organization had to be involved in the 5S effort to create a quality and effective working environment."  
"Cleanliness, neatness and safety are given priority under the 5S. Staff are encouraged to produce creative and innovative ideas to solve problems and introduce improvements into the system. Stern actions had to be taken against any staff that refused to follow instructions given. Despite all this, we received good cooperation from all quarters in PTG".
With the implementation of 5S, PTG managed to increase productivity, work effectively, have a safe working environment and meet clients' expectations. 
The half day working visits ended with an office tour led by the PTG 5S team.The 5S team as a whole gained valuable experience through this visit. It provoided us with a benchmark to measure our own success and challenges in the implementation of the 5S system at our own institution.
5S briefing by En Mohd Jamel Aziz Mohd Jidin, Assistant Director of PTG and representative from UniKL RCMP
Signing the visitors' book
Exchanging souvenirs
Office tour
Reported by
Zahaimi binti Abdullah Sani

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