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News : Malaysia and Brazil Play Huge Role as Regional Hubs

KUALA LUMPUR, 5 December - Ambassador of Brazil in Malaysia, His Excellency Carlos Ricardo Martins Ceglia believes that the geographical and economic positions of both countries as the gateway to their respective region will play a huge part in increased trade and bilateral relationships between both countries.


Capoeira performance greeting the arrival of His Excellency Ceglia.
His excellency Ceglia delivered a talk at Universiti Kuala Lumpur City Campus, Jalan Sultan Ismail titled "Why Brazil is important to Malaysia and why is Malaysia important to Brazil" which focused on Brazilian realities, its vibrant economy and its important linkages with Malaysia today.
His Excellency Celglia and Prof. Dato' Dr Mazliham, President and CEO of UniKL in a commemorative picture with the capoeira performers.
The talk was joined by entrepreneurs, local industry players, UniKL students, guests and the general public where awareness of the sociocultural, political landscape and the structure of Brazilian economy and the importance of the Brazilian economy to Malaysian were raised. 
Brazil and Malaysia established diplomatic relations in 1959 and the respective embassies in Kuala Lumpur and Brasília were set up in 1981. Since then, the bilateral ties between both countries has only grown stronger and Brazil is the largest Malaysian trade partner in Latin America, with trade between both countries reaching US$ 3.366 billion in 2015 or 40% of Malaysia's total trade with Latin American countries.
"I think there is still an enormous ignorance of what Brazil is all about among Malaysians, and vice versa. This lack of understanding is a big opportunity for us to tap on, as we need to market ourselves better. Brazil is a melting pot of culture with almost 60 person of our population are originally immigrants.
We are the largest country in Latin America and our GDP which is valued at 3.1 trillion USD, which is 43% of the total GDP of ASEAN and we are the 7th largest economy in the world. We are borders with 10 South American countries, making us a regional hub for trade as far as South America is concerned, the same with Malaysia with ASEAN."
The Speaker, Ambassador Carlos Martins Ceglia was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1983, with his last position in the foreign service being the Minister-Counselor and Deputy Head of Mission in Washington (USA), from 2007 to 2010, and as the Director of the Department of the Middle East (in Brasília), from 2011 to 2015.
Prof Dato' Dr Mazliham Mohd Su'ud in his welcoming address said, " We have 136 academic partners, which include institutions in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Germany. We have also partnered many international industrial & technology organisations. We look forward in working, building and furthering our collaboration activities with academic and industry partners from different countries, in particular Brazil academic institutions and industry."
The Ambassador, top management of UniKL and participants of the talk in a commemorative picture.
This event is the first in a string of ten talks which will involve nine other Ambassadors from Latin American countries in Malaysia. It intends to ignite an informal cross cultural communication dialogue among these countries and will be contribute to stronger ties between both countries.
Reported by
Mohamed Zamir Anuar Bashah

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