Research Funds & Grant

Institute of Research & Postgraduate Studies (IRPS), works to maximise the performance of the UniKL in research, entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer and our activities reflect the university's commitment to engagement with the needs of society and the economy. We make our contribution by delivering high quality, professional support with specific fund.

Research Fund & Applications Forms

There are various sources of funds available to support research, development and commercialisation activities in Malaysia. The immediate fund or better known as seed fund amounting to RM 20,000.00 (maximum) is open to all internal employees. Staffs are also highly encouraged to apply for the MOSTI fund which is divided into Internal & External categories.


  1. Science Fund (Universiti Kuala Lumpur's Code is 06)
    The Science Fund supports R&D projects which may generate new knowledge in strategic, basic and applied sciences besides developing new products or processes necessary for further development and commercialisation in specific research clusters. It is also aimed at generating more research capabilities and expertise within the country. The outcome of research under Science Fund which has commercial potential can be considered for additional funding under the Techno Fund.
  2. Techno Fund (to support commercialisation activities)
    Techno Fund is a competitive funding for innovation purposes in order to develop and commercialise new, cutting edge and breakthrough technologies in Agriculture, Biotechnology, ICT, and Industry Clusters that create new businesses and economic wealth for Malaysia.
  3. Inno Fund (Individual, Micro and Small Enterprises)
    To assist individuals/sole-proprietors, micro and small businesses/enterprises to develop new or improve existing products, process or services with elements of innovation for commercialisation.
  1. Short Term Research Grant (STRG)
    Universiti Kuala Lumpur has initiated the Short Term Research Grant (STRG) in order to promote interest and aptitude for research among University academic staff. The main objective of this program is to provide an opportunity to academic staff to familiarize themselves with research methodology and techniques by being associated for a short duration or by undertaking independent projects.

    In allocating grants for R&D projects, the UniKL R&D centre adheres to several principles. These are:
• To fund projects which are of high national priority and commercializable;
• To fund projects which address the needs of Malaysian industry;
• To encourage collaborative efforts among institutions of UniKL
• To enhance R&D linkages with private sectors.
The main bulk of STRG funding should be allocated to activities that will lead to commercialization. However, in the interest of generating more capabilities and expertise within the country some funding allocation should also be given to research activities directed towards knowledge advancement even though they are presently not seen as commercializable. This is a long-term measure for knowledge advancement within the research communities in Malaysia.


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