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News : Y.B. Datuk Dr. Adham Baba Graced UniKL MFI Staff Assembly

UniKL MFI staff assembly held on 4 August 2010 at the UniKL MFI theaterette was graced with the presence of Y.B. Datuk Dr Adham Baba, Chairman of UniKL.  

UniKL MFI staff assembly is held during the start of every semester.  This semester, we were honoured that our beloved Chairman of UniKL himself, despite his very busy schedule, attended the staff assembly to be closer to the staff of UniKL MFI.

The new Head of Campus / Dean, Associate Professor Haron Abas in his welcoming speech, thanked Datuk for his presence. Associate Professor Haron in his maiden speech as the new Head of Campus / Dean urged all UniKL MFI staff to work together as a team to realize the university's mission and vision.  He reminded the staff that their efforts should be guided by the CITIE core values.  Associate Professor Haron stressed that emphasize should be put upon the issues which were raised in the recent Council Meeting i.e. element of critical learning, wider usage of English and the entrepreneurship culture which should be instilled in the students through everyday interaction between the staff and students in the classrooms, labs and workshops.  
In his speech, Datuk praised the staff of UniKL MFI for their hardwork in ensuring the success of UniKL MFI and UniKL in general.  In his speech he stressed that without the hardwork and cooperation of the staff, UniKL would not have achieved the Tier 5 – excellent rating in the 2009 MQA Rating System for Malaysia Higher Education Institutions (SETARA 2009). SETARA measures the quality of teaching and learning at the undergraduate level in universities and university colleges in Malaysia.
Datuk further explained that the SETARA rating instrument covers 3 generic dimensions of input, process and output.  The input dimension addresses talent, resources and governance.  The process dimension focuses on curriculum matters and the output dimension is on the quality of graduates. 
Datuk said that the staff of UniKL MFI and UniKL generally should be proud of this achievement, as we have managed to be ranked higher than more established Universities and College Universities in the country which were grouped in the lower tiers.
However, he reminded that the staff should not bask in this success and be complacent.  As a matter of fact, Datuk urged UniKL MFI staff to put more energy and work in synergy in their efforts to ensure that UniKL does not fall to Tier 4 but strive to reach Tier 6 – outstanding, in the very near future.
Datuk shared the good news that the government has allocated some funding under the 10th Malaysia Plan for capital expenditure for UniKL MFI.
During the staff assembly, a simple "handing over" ceremony was held between the previous Head of Campus / Dean, Professor Engineer Dr Ishkandar Baharin and the new Head of Campus / Dean, Associate Professor Haron Abas, witnessed by YB Datuk Adham.  During his speech, Datuk expressed his gratitude towards Professor Ishkandar for his hardwork in steering UniKL MFI to the level it has reached today.  He urged UniKL MFI staff to continue giving their support towards the new Management headed by Associate Professor Haron Abas. 
In his farewell speech, Professor Engineer Dr Ishkandar Baharin thanked all the staff for their support throughout his tenure as Head of Campus / Dean and pledged his full support for the new Head of Campus / Dean.
After the staff assembly, UniKL MFI staff recreational and sports club (KARISMA) held its annual meeting to present the club activities to its members.
Prepared by :
Madzenah Abu Kassim

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