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News : 96 UniKL RCMP Medical Graduates take the Hippocratic Oath

UniKL RCMP Medical graduates of 2014

Dato' Dr Adham Baba, Chairman, Universiti Kuala Lumpur congratulated 96 Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery medical  graduates of 2014 for obtaining excellent results  in their Final Examination held from 24th March to 27th March 2014.  The 3rd cohort of MBBS UniKL medical students received their temporary certificates from Dato Dr. Adham Baba. These cerificates issued by the Dean of Faculty of Medicine will be used for their posting as housemen in public hospitals under the MInistry of Health (KKM).
In his keynote address at the Presentation of Temporary Certificates and Oath Taking Ceremony organised by the Faculty of Medicine onTuesday, 8th April 2014 at The Multi-Purpose Hall, Dr Adham said  Univeristi Kuala Lumpur was  proud  and impressed with the students' remarkable achievements.  "Today you have marked another successful history in your personal life and the university is very proud of your achievements. As a medical praticioner you should be aware of the significance of taking the Hipprocatic Oath and underdstand the need to deliver excellent service to your patients regardless of their status". 

He said that the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery program was meant only for those who are willing to put extra effort in their studies, have the  caring spirit, and are committed to the well being of the society. 

Dato' Dr Adham Baba delivered the keynote address
He added, there are 40 medical schools in Malaysia and 5000 doctors are produced yearly. At present there are almost 41000 registered doctors in Malaysia and by 2017/2018 the number of registered doctors in the country will increase to 76 000. Therefore he urged UniKL RCMP graduands to strive hard so that their presence in the global market is recognised and respected. He noted that UniKL  has sucessfully produced graduates that are well sought after by employers.
The ceremony started with the Valedictorain Speech by Dr Siti Syuhada Binti Ab Rahman, the recipient of the Dean's Award. In her speech she expressed her deepest gratitude to the university, doctors, lecturers and staff that had helped them throughout the 5 critical years. "I'm sure there must have been many times when you must have felt like giving up on us but thank you for braving the storm. Thank you for your guidance and the valuable knowledge you have imparted to us which we hope to put to good use. We hope to make you all proud."
She also recalled the wonderful years of studying at UniKL RCMP.  "I'm sure most of us remember the first day of class. Our first ever ILA on diarrhoea. What a way to start our learning. With no clue as to what questions to ask about diarrhoea and everyone shooting the first question that popped up in their heads. Remember our first session in the Anatomy lab? How excited and nervous we were looking at the cadaver and some of us turning our noses away from the smell of formalin. An analogy of being a neonate at that point of time seems most appropriate. Five years later, technically we are still children by definition. As time moved forward we progressed from our pre-clinical years to clinical years and again we were faced with the same excitement but this time it was about bedside teaching. The first time we held our stethoscopes and tendon hammers, it felt like we were children again with a new set of toys. So much so that even our seniors were annoyed with us". 

Dr Nur Shuhadah Mohd Sharipudin Dean's Award receipient
She ended her speech by  reminding her peers that life as a doctor is not  easy and is full of responsibility. "I'm sure most of us are afraid to take on the next phase of our career with the constant reminder that we were just medical students a week ago and within a spilt second when our names were announced the other day we have become doctors. I am still not used to the idea of being called a doctor yet as the doctors we have been learning from these past five years are an ocean of knowledge and I feel barely like a puddle next to them. 
However, we have been reminded that knowledge and skills are honed by experience and the most important thing is our attitude. We have to be willing to learn and always be passionate and responsible to our jobs and care for our patients as we would our family. As Spider-man would say, with great power comes great responsibility".

Later the audience witnessed the oath taking ceremony led by Dr  Rachel Wong Yi Ying. The Hippocratic Oath is an oath taken by new physicians to pratice medicine sincerely and honestly.
Earlier the Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Osman Ali in his speech said medicine is not something you can try and later correct the error. "Take the  risks. Be willing to fail. This has always puzzled me.  Do you want a surgeon for example whose motto is - I like taking risks?. Risk is necessary and things can and will go wrong but some have better capacity to prepare for the possibility, to limit the damage, and to sometimes even retrieve success from failure." 

Hippocratic Oath delivered by Dr Rachel Wong Wi Ying
He advised the graduands to have confidence in what ever they are doing." Failure can become a disaster and to take risks, you must have confidence in yourself. You are imperfect. Your knowledge is never complete. The science is never certain. Your skills are never infallible. Yet, you must act. You cannot let yourself become paralyzed by fear and yet you cannot blind yourself to failure  either. Indeed, you must prepare for it. For, strangely enough, only then is success possible".

The limelight of the event was the presentation of awards to nine outsatanding graduates in recognition of their academic excellence. 
The awards were as follows:-
  1. Best Final Year Student's Award  (MMA Award)- Dr. Rachel Wong Yi Ying
  2. Dean's Award- Dr. Nur Shuhadah Binti Mohamad Sharipudin
  3. Book Prizes in Medicine  (best students were nominated from each discipline based on their End of posting examination)
  • i. Primary Care Medicine- Dr. Nurshahira Binti Mohamad Salim
  • ii. Public Health- Dr. Nasuha Binti Mohd Khairunjauhari
  • iii. Internal Medicine- Dr. Nurul Huda Binti Jamil Nasri
  • iv. Psychiatry- Dr. Nur Shuhadah Binti Mohamad Sharipudin
  • v. Paediatric- Dr. Nur Shafina Binti Sarafuddin
  • vi. Surgery- Dr. Nadiah Binti Kamal Paramasivam
  • vii. Obstetrics And Gynecology- Dr. Nurul Syafinaz Binti Ahmad Nazan
  • viii. Orthopedic- Dr. Mohammad Safwan Hakimi Bin Baharun

Present during the ceremony were State Exco of  Perak Yang Berhormat Dr. Mohd Amin Zakaria, State Green Technology, Environment, Science and Education Committee Chairman Dr Muhammad Amin Zakaria; Prof Dato' Dr Mazliham Mohd Suud, President & CEO of UniKL; Datuk (Dr) Zamani Md Noor, Chairman UniKL RCMP and representatives from MARA.
Reported by
Zahaimi binti Abdullah Sani

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