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Programme : Diploma in Pharmacy

Diploma Farmasi

Programme Summary
Programme Code : JPT/BPP (R/727/4/0055) 06/19, MQA A 10343
Status Programme : Accredited
Institutes : Universiti Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak (UniKL RCMP)
Specialisation : Medical & Allied Health Sciences
Study Level : Diploma
Intake : Jan&June
Duration : three_years


This course aims to provide the student with an appreciation of the role of a pharmacy assistant working in a community pharmacy environment. Futhermore, the course provides an introduction to knowledge and skills to provide a high quality clinical pharmacy service, as well as enabling students to develop skills in providing pharmaceutical care to serve the nation. Constant expansion of health care programmes and increasing need for quality pharmaceutical care ensure a continuing demand of well educated pharmacy assistants in the country. The student will spend 3 years full time studying with practical experience at several government and private hospitals. The curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of the health sector. A key element of the course is the hospital based practical activities (during health semester 4 & 5) which provides the oppurtinity for students to put theory into practice. Upon successful completion of the programme, a Diploma will be awarded by the University.

Programme Educational Outcomes:


  • PEO1                
    To produce graduates who are knowledgeable, competent and capable of providing quality patient care through contemporary and forward looking training programme.
  • PEO2                
    To produce graduates who have effective leadership and teamwork skills to optimize patient safety and improve health outcomes.
  • PEO3                
    To produce graduates who are committed to the importance of lifelong learning and continuous improvement.
  • PEO4                
    To produce graduates who practice professionalism with ethics and social responsibility.
  • PEO5                
    To produce graduates who are equipped with technopreneurial skills and ability to recognize business opportunities.


Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


  • PLO1              
    Demonstrate pharmaceutical knowledge competency in providing pharmacy related services.
  • PLO2              
    Apply appropriate skills in delivering pharmaceutical care services.
  • PLO3              
    Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of social issues and appreciate strategies towards resolving related problems.
  • PLO4              
    Demonstrate an understanding and commitment to uphold the professional ethics in the delivery of pharmacy services to the community.
  • PLO5              
    Demonstrate effective leadership, team work and communication skills.
  • PLO6              
    Appreciate evidence-based practices and current approaches towards enhancing pharmacy services, research and development and technopreneurial ventures.
  • PLO7              
    Recognize the need for and have the ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning.
  • PLO8              
    Demonstrate an understanding of management, business practices and technopreneurial competencies.

Career Path

Entry Requirement

1)     A pass in SPM or equivalent with five (5) credits at least C in the following subject;

·       Bahasa Malaysia,

·       English,

·       Mathematics,

·       Science (preferably Chemistry)

·       and 1 other subject.

2)     Applicant must have no serious physical or mental and congenital illness; and / or serious communicable disease(s)




Semester 1
  • Biolochemistry
  • Basic Physiology
  • Basic Physical Chemistry
  • Introduction to Pharmaceutics
  • Basic Formulation
  • Basic Organic Chemistry
  • Introduction to Information  Communication Technology 
  • Competency English


Semester 2
  • Basic Physical Chemistry
  • Basic Microbiology
  • Basic Pharmacology
  • Systemic Pharmacology
  • Behavioral Science
  • Drug Delivery System I
  • Communication English 1


Short Semester
  • Pengajian Malaysia 2 (Local) /Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 (International)
  • Amalan Islam di Malaysia / Religious Practices in Malaysia (Local)
  • Siswa-siswi Pertahanan Awam



Semester 3
  • Autonomic Pharmacology
  • Antimicrobial Treatment and Chemotherapy
  • Introduction to Research Methodology
  • Drug Delivery System II
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  • Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Communication English 2
  • Mandarin I
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship


Semester 4
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Elective
  • Applied Pharmacology
  • Introduction to Pharmacy Services
  • Management in Pharmacy Services
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Dispensing Technique and Communication
  • Mandarin II
  • Interpersonal Skills 


Short Semester
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Malaysian Studies
  • Co-curriculum II
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship


Semester 5
  • Practical Training I


Semester 6
  • Practical Training II

Entry Requirement


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